Do you do commissions?

I’m afraid that's a no, I do not do commissions.

Can you create an additional picture in a particular theme - Ocean or Zapotec inspired or pen and ink etc…

I don’t consider this to be the same as a commission. If for example, someone purchased two fairy tale pictures and wanted a third for another wall in a nursery I would happily produce a couple more and see if they fit the bill.

How long have you been an artist?

I won an art competition when I was 9 years old but I guess that doesn’t count. I have only become an earning artist in the last 8 years and since then my work has been displayed in the Tate Modern for an ‘older artist’ exhibition, in the Saatchi Education Gallery, displays in my local hospital/well being centre and I was very happy to get five submissions exhibited in a gallery in Piccadilly Circus.

Do you ship worldwide?

I am happy to ship worldwide but postage costs will have to be adjusted. I will consult with the purchaser on which method they would prefer me to use - courier for speed but often more costly although…but with less chance of getting lost! I will not make any profit from postage.

Do you sell pictures with frames?

I will not sell framed pictures. Each piece of work comes in a card mount which the buyer can then decide on a frame to suit. A clip frame can be picked up for less than £12 and there is a certain Swedish furniture shop that does amazing frames at a very reasonable price. You have the option to get it framed professionally yourself (and I have done this for some of my own at home) but here in London it will cost at least £75 per picture. Honestly, try charity shops! But the choice is left to you.

What materials do you use?

I use mainly colouring pencils that have a high wax content, which enables me to blend and achieve a vibrant range of colours. I love using ordinary pencil, just a 2B and my next favourite is pen and ink. Painting is usually in acrylics but I do like to experience with mixing mediums on a picture and seeing what textures can be made.

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